Janet (j4) wrote,

Alphabetter, alphabest

Today I was asked to do "something a bit different" in addition to reading through interminable files and throwing away bits of paper. The "something different" turned out to be sorting letters about donations into piles depending on which college the donations were for. Apparently this needed doing urgently and the person (I pity him) who normally does it was off sick.

The lady who was overseeing this thrilling operation talked me through the procedure. "Sort them in alphabetical order, but, um, not by person, because there's too many of them. Alphabetical order by college, but you probably won't want to do that at first, because there's too many of them, so just, you know, make a pile here, say, 'this is A-C, this is D and E', you know, sort of like that, and then sort them afterwards, into piles."

Reader, it was a close thing, but I did manage to avoid shouting: "I KNOW WHAT ALPHAFUCKINGBETICAL ORDER IS! I HAVE A DEGREE IN ENGLISH FROM A REAL UNIVERSITY!"

* * *

More abstract rambling to follow -- despite all the ranting and bitching, the routine tasks I've been doing in this temp job have actually taught me some useful things about the way I think and the way I approach tasks, and I think it might be productive to set that down in writing, if I can.

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