Janet (j4) wrote,

and dream of sheep

Argh. I don't know enough web stuff to do this interview tomorrow. :-( Am seriously considering just ringing them tomorrow morning & telling them I've changed my mind. I think I would almost rather carry on doing this temp job for another 2 years than have to go through another horrible interview where I end up just floundering hopelessly. I'm terrified that they're going to ask me technical questions and I just won't be able to answer them, and there's no way I'll be able to convince them that I could easily learn the stuff I need to know, I'll just end up gaping like a codfish when they ask the complicated stuff.

I wanted to swot up some more now, after orchestra, but I'm too tired. I had four hours' sleep last night, just like the night before, and the night before that. I nearly fell asleep at work today, while my supervisor was talking to me. I just felt myself blacking out and my eyes closing, and all I wanted was to just lie down and sleep.

The temp job got slightly more interesting today though. Now I get to make decisions on what gets kept and what gets thrown out, which is kind of like detective work, wandering through files and working out what might be relevant to what, and what is superseded by what, and chasing up lots of paper trails only to find that they're dead ends. It's hardly thrill-of-the-century, but at least I get to use some of my exciting transferable graduate skills, like "being able to read". And I don't have to walk up and down stairs with armfuls of files nearly as often, although really it was probably quite good exercise, a combination of weights and step aerobics.

Somebody more reputable wants to give me work as a photographer's model. If I do that, that'll be my fourth job, though only my third paid job. I wonder if I could get paid to sleep in a glass box, like whatshername. I could just sleep all the time then. I need to hook up with some up-and-coming artist. But knowing my luck he'd want to cut me in half and pickle me in formaldehyde.

I want to go to bed and sleep for a year.

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