Janet (j4) wrote,


There was an advert in this week's JobFinder which suggested that one could, if one was over 18 and had a "good figure", earn £50/hr as a "nudie cutie". The advert didn't give any further details, it just said to email coolstudios@lycos.co.uk.

With that 'studios' in the name, and the thing about needing a good figure, it sounded like they might be looking for "glamour" models. So I thought I'd email and ask, just for a laugh. Cue a few cagey emails exchanged with "Andrew Magnus", who clumsily evaded my questions about what kind of work was involved, before he eventually said "I think we should at least have a drink some time, where are you?"

So I replied "I think there may have been a misunderstanding here. I replied to your job advert because I thought you were offering work -- if that is still the case, please could you let me know exactly what kind of work you are offering, and on what terms?" And his reply was "This is a full-time pensionable position, okay it isn't but there's still
money in it. Sorry if I've wasted your time"

Are you allowed to advertise that sort of "work" in JobFinder? Mind you, I suppose they advertise for "escorts" all the time in the CEN, though, and we know what that means. Am I just naive for seeing an advert like that and thinking "modelling" rather than "prostitution"? Or is it a rather sneaky way of trying to lure gullible young women?

(Incidentally, I don't have any moral problems with having sex for money; it's only because of health/safety issues that I wouldn't do it. If I knew somebody was clean and not likely to turn into Jack the Ripper, I'd probably do it.)

Does anybody know of anybody reputable and sane who is willing to pay money just to take photos of n3kk1d ch1x? Or are the two mutually exclusive?
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