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I dreamed that hoiho had come to visit me at my parents' house, and he was staying for a few days, but he was spending all the daytimes in town doing stuff that he wouldn't tell me what it involved, and when I tried to SMS him to ask him when he was coming back and if he was coming back I got no reply. And I tried to phone him, but the operator said something about this number not being available, and then she rambled on at me for ages about the different reasons why people might not answer the phone, and I came away with the impression that he couldn't answer the phone because he'd gone to the theatre. My mum made dinner, but it was only after dinner that I texted him saying "Are you coming back tonight? What about dinner?" I thought about checking whether his car was there (in my mind it was parked at the end of French's Road, despite the fact that all this was happening at my parents' house) and if it was, doing something to it so that he couldn't leave. I was vaguely considering wheelclamping it, I think. But he did come back eventually, because I went to his room in the morning & there he was.

While I'd been asleep (in the dream) I'd dreamed that my mum was running a bath for my dad and putting lots of fruit in it, slices of melon and pineapple and stuff, and that he'd taken it all out and left it for my aunt because she liked fruit; then in the main dream, when I'd woken up, my mum ran a bath for me and put lots of fruit in it, she said it was good for the skin, and I remember telling her that I'd dreamed she'd run a bath with fruit in for my dad, and she said that was strange because he didn't like fruit. I remember trying to scoop handfuls of bilberries out of the bath, and it was really difficult to keep hold of them. And I said something about slices of gooseberries which was supposed to convey how ridiculous the whole thing was, because gooseberries are too small to slice really, but my mum sort of missed the point, and I tried to explain it but it stopped making sense even to me, so I gave up.

Then later I was on a bus with hoiho and he was saying that if he left his wife she would insist that the children stayed at Nottingham, and I was asking "why Nottingham?" but he couldn't give me an answer, and I said "Well, at least that's closer to Cambridge than Scotland, so you can visit them," and he said "But they love their music so much." I tried to explain that there are lots of music activities in Nottingham, and that they're very good, but he said it wasn't true, because he knew. Though in the end he admitted that actually he didn't know, and I admitted that actually the music stuff I knew about in Nottingham was "all Higher Education and Further Education stuff", though I thought there was probably music for children as well.

There was another bit when I was walking through some kind of campus with hoiho, still talking about this stuff, and there was a pretty blonde girl with us as well who I think in the dream was his sister, and we were both holding hands with her but only really talking to each other, though at one point I turned to her and said "Thank you for being so patient with us", though I didn't hear what she said in reply because I was talking to hoiho. I think his sister was supposed to be being some kind of chaperone for us. The campus was mostly deserted, but as we were about to go down some kind of alleyway (which I think was like some stairs that we went down in Edinburgh in real life when I was visiting there) some random woman we walked past started shouting at me and telling me to warn her in future if I was going to wear that perfume, because she was allergic to it, and I started shouting back at her, and then after she'd gone I was still grumbling about it and saying "Why does she have to make such a scene about it?" and as I said that I became conscious that it was I who was making the scene.

Then I was back in Cambridge somehow and trying to get to my doctor's appointment on time, somebody dropped me off on Victoria Road somewhere (only it looked more like St Aldates in Oxford) and I knew there was supposed to be a cut-through to the doctor's (which is on Huntingdon Road) but I couldn't remember which one it was, and sion_a was on the other side of the road but I didn't want him to see me because I knew he'd say later "Why didn't you just take the obvious short-cut?" but I also knew he wouldn't be able to explain which the shortcut was from across the road, so I sort of ducked behind parked cars and ran until I got to the Histon Road junction, and I could see the clock said 11:45 (my appointment was at 11:50 in the dream, as it was in real life) but I knew it was only a short road. I seem to remember that in my dream I'd offered sion_a my umbrella (it was raining -- both in real life and in the dream) but he said it was okay, he'd just run; but he wasn't running when I saw him.

I ran up Histon Road but there was a shopping centre in the middle of it, so I went through that, and started going through Waterstones but realised it wasn't a cut-through, not like the Waterstones on Sidney Street, so I turned back and then went past the Sainsburys (and at that point somebody who was with me said "The abandoned Sainsburys, it's all derelict now, Karen would remember"). The abandoned bit was quite scary actually; there was an abandoned Lush as well, and it was hard to keep track of which way was "straight on" through the shopping centre, and all the signs started to look very old-fashioned, rather Victorian, as if I was somehow going back in time. Then I was trying to get down some stairs with gates in, and I tried to nip in front of the young lady who was rolling some kind of huge plastic wheel down there, which I vaguely thought was connected with the Sainsburys, but she got in front of me and then had to do some kind of complicated manoeuvre to line up a bit of the gates so that they'd both open, whereas I could have just pushed one open and got through, so I was annoyed with her.

I don't remember if I made it to the doctor's in the end, in the dream; I think I woke up about then. And then a lorry or something went past on the road and my whole bed shook, which was weird (and definitely happened, because I was definitely awake by then).

In real life I made it to my doctor's appointment. I still feel all dazed though.

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