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The man from UCLES (part n)

[No, I never tire of that subject line. I bet imc (for I seem to recall that it was he) wishes he'd never come up with it.]

Anyway, the gentleman in question finally got back to me to discuss the other work that he might want me to do. It sounds like it's going to be a) temporary or freelance, and b) REALLY REALLY INTERESTING. Basically they're trying to develop new methods of computer-aided assessment for Eng. Lang./Lit. in schools, and they want people from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of different experiences for some intensive brainstorming sessions. Then, after that, they'll want a small team of people to work on whatever project comes out of the brainstorming.

He's suggested that I go away and investigate the current state of the market -- what's currently on offer in terms of computer-aided assessment for English -- and get some Ideas & be prepared to talk about them on Jan 12th next year. So I already have one interview set up in the New Year! Which makes me feel a lot better about the old year ending.

And ... Ideas! Somebody wants me to have Ideas! Somebody actually wants me to go away and think! This makes me feel happy. You know, I think that tells me something useful about the sort of job I want to be doing...

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