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Last night's dreams were as irritatingly obviously symbolic as my dreams usually are. I bet you all think I make them up, but honestly I don't. Anyway. I dreamed that I was at some kind of dinner in a school hall or college hall or something, and hoiho was there, and so was his wife J. She was sitting on a chair that was sort of separate from the rest of the table, she'd moved aside so that she could take a phone call, and while she was on the phone with her back to the rest of the table I was trying to talk to hoiho. I ended up hugging him as well, and I remember trying to rationalise our actions all the time while I was talking to him & hugging him ("We're just talking, it's okay" ... "There's no reason why a friend shouldn't hug you", etc.), and then J turned round and I wasn't sure if she'd seen us or not but I was pretty sure she had done. She didn't say anything though.

Then I was back in one of the quads at college, or possibly the quad at my high school, only there were more flowers and fountains and things than there, and a bit of the quad was fenced off for building work, and there was lots of gravel and dust everywhere; and I was trying to send hoiho a picture message. I had a photo in the phone's memory of someone in university gown standing in the middle of this quad, and there was a dog in the picture too, and I was trying to add the text "We were not careful enough" to that (referring to letting J see us hugging each other), but I couldn't work out how to centre the text on the photo, and until I did that I couldn't send it.

Then I was looking through my other messages on my phone, only it was like my email inbox, with subject lines and everything. There was one from Kit, with a subject line something like "Musing on why actually being there is better than text messages", and then there was one from "Robert Smith" with a subject line that was something about the Cure, so I looked at it, and then when I looked at the actual headers it was from something like ent10@hotmail.com, at least it looked like a Cambridge University userid but a hotmail address (and it definitely had an 'e' and a '10' in it), and I remember thinking how terrible it was that you could get proper spam on a phone, & that if I'd got that as email I wouldn't have even looked at it.

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