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Dreams - shadows of echoes of memories of songs — LiveJournal
Last night's dreams were as irritatingly obviously symbolic as my dreams usually are. I bet you all think I make them up, but honestly I don't. Anyway. I dreamed that I was at some kind of dinner in a school hall or college hall or something, and hoiho was there, and so was his wife J. She was sitting on a chair that was sort of separate from the rest of the table, she'd moved aside so that she could take a phone call, and while she was on the phone with her back to the rest of the table I was trying to talk to hoiho. I ended up hugging him as well, and I remember trying to rationalise our actions all the time while I was talking to him & hugging him ("We're just talking, it's okay" ... "There's no reason why a friend shouldn't hug you", etc.), and then J turned round and I wasn't sure if she'd seen us or not but I was pretty sure she had done. She didn't say anything though.

Then I was back in one of the quads at college, or possibly the quad at my high school, only there were more flowers and fountains and things than there, and a bit of the quad was fenced off for building work, and there was lots of gravel and dust everywhere; and I was trying to send hoiho a picture message. I had a photo in the phone's memory of someone in university gown standing in the middle of this quad, and there was a dog in the picture too, and I was trying to add the text "We were not careful enough" to that (referring to letting J see us hugging each other), but I couldn't work out how to centre the text on the photo, and until I did that I couldn't send it.

Then I was looking through my other messages on my phone, only it was like my email inbox, with subject lines and everything. There was one from Kit, with a subject line something like "Musing on why actually being there is better than text messages", and then there was one from "Robert Smith" with a subject line that was something about the Cure, so I looked at it, and then when I looked at the actual headers it was from something like ent10@hotmail.com, at least it looked like a Cambridge University userid but a hotmail address (and it definitely had an 'e' and a '10' in it), and I remember thinking how terrible it was that you could get proper spam on a phone, & that if I'd got that as email I wouldn't have even looked at it.
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sion_a From: sion_a Date: December 17th, 2003 04:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
The dream I woke up from maybe-screaming last night involved a huge thing. Imagine the Mars boss from Rez during the intro sequence when you see little tiny you against great big spidery it. Only it was bigger, and more nebulous round the edges, and the little tiny me wasn't a little tiny me, it was a little tiny fuck-off-great-spaceship (Andromeda, for anyone else who can get both references). And the nebulous bits were whizzing round, and one of them kept trying to settle on me like a black cloud (I should read that one of these days -- my dad recommended it to me when I was losing my faith) and it's purpose was to induce overwhelming terror in whoever it settled on.

I can't remember the other one. It wasn't as unpleasant.
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