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I am cross with Amazon. Okay, at least they did email me this time to let me know that my credit card hadn't worked again, but sufficiently long after I'd changed the details that I'd thought it must have worked this time. I tried to enter the card details again from scratch, but it wouldn't let me; eventually I gave up and changed to my Mastercard, and that seems to have worked, but now the projected delivery date is 02/01/2004, which isn't much use for Christmas presents. By changing the delivery options so that individual items get delivered as they're ready, I've got the delivery dates for some of the items down to 22/12/03, which would be just in time. Of course, this means I lose the free delivery that I should get on that size of order; also, well, I'll believe the delivery date when I actually see the goods. It looks like some things I ordered for sion_a won't turn up in time for Christmas though. :-(

I'm also irritated with Scotts of Stow / The Original Gift Company. While they did say "may take 28 days for delivery", what they didn't say was "First, we will get your credit card details wrong so that the 28 days start two weeks late; by then we will have discontinued two of the things you ordered. The rest will be sent out one item at a time, over the course of 28 days, and the most time-critical ones will turn up last." Though I suppose a single disclaimer along the lines of "Sod's law applies" would have done.

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