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More annoying dreams: I dreamed that I was at work and Gawen was hassling me for spending too much time on personal email etc. -- in the dream he came up behind my computer and leaned right over so his face was next to the screen, and I was saying "But it's work, look!" and he was trying to alt-tab to other stuff, and I was alt-tabbing back just as fast and saying "Yes, there's other stuff open that I spent a few minutes on earlier, but that's within reasonable use" or something. There were stacks of toilet rolls on the desk as well, I've no idea why. After that I was in somewhere more like Oxfam Books, trying to sort some old books into genres; I was clutching one very old book and trying to argue that it was Fantasy, but they insisted that it was before 1900 so it couldn't be. I also had a tiny book that was about the length of a matchstick, and looked like just the spine of a tiny book, but actually had very narrow pages which you could just about read. I didn't know where to file that, I wanted to keep it for myself really but I knew I couldn't.

I have spent most of the morning trying to remember a bit of poetry that used to be read at my school's Carol Services. It was called something like "Angel's Song" or "The Angel's Message" (you get the picture), and all I can remember are a few lines approximating to the following:
"Not in castle, not in keep,
Not in tower tall and steep
Shall you find him, shepherds all,
But in humble oxen's stall."

and the lines "And a signal, and a sign, sure as all the stars that shine". It was always read by one of the Juniors, and it was a bit on the twee side, but I was rather fond of it nonetheless. I can't find it anywhere on the web, annoyingly.

*&^%@ing Amazon have screwed up my latest order. I thought it was taking longer than it should do (although I expected that), so I went to look at the irritatingly-named "Where's my stuff?" page, only to find that they hadn't accepted my credit card -- but hadn't bothered to tell me. It took two seconds to fix the reason it hadn't been accepted (wrong expiry date -- I've had a new card since I put the details in) and now the order's supposedly going through. Hopefully the stuff will still get here in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, there's still no sign of most of the things I ordered from the Original Gift Company (that is, the things that they still stock -- they've already told me that two of the things I ordered are no longer available).

In other news, work is driving me up the wall. I just don't want to be here. Right now I feel like I would do anything else, just for the sake of the change; but I worry that doing random irrelevant jobs won't do my CV any favours -- and since I appear to be more or less unemployable as it is I really don't want to make the situation any worse.

Oh well. Maybe I'll be able to find something more useful/interesting to do this afternoon than get into fights with evil ex-boyfriends on newsgroups. We can but hope.

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