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The man from UCLES

Interview over -- it went okay but I wouldn't like to commit further than that. The interviewers were all really nice, though, and the job sounds great, so I'd certainly be pleased if I did get it. Anyway, we'll see. Thank you to everybody who gave advice & wished me luck.

I'm amazed I actually managed to wake up in time for the interview; I'm not convinced I slept at all. For a start I stayed up later than I should have done; then I had weird dreams, including a very lifelike bit where I dreamed that sion_a had come into my room while I was trying to go to sleep. I heard him closing my bedroom door and I remember thinking "He's probably going to switch his bedroom light on and he just doesn't want me to be woken up by the light", but then I felt him sitting down on the side of the bed and apparently trying to put something under my pillow. In the dream I thought I was half-awake, and I was desperately trying to wake up enough to speak, I was trying to say "What are you doing?" but I couldn't quite get the words out. In the end he did hear me but I can't remember what his response was. In the dream there had been some sort of party, and sion_a was cross with davefish because not only had he crashed over at ours without asking, but he'd also eaten the steak sandwich that sion_a was supposed to be giving to his brother. (sion_a doesn't have a brother in real life.) I'm pretty sure I woke up another couple of times in the night, and when I finally did wake up I wasn't convinced that I was awake, because it seemed to be so much darker than it ought to be at that time.

Better go and get some lunch now before going back to work.

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