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Shades of blue

My Friends page has gone strange. The background is all blue, with black text; usernames are black text on white background; headers and sidebar aren't appearing at all; and the last post I can see is one from bibliogirl at 2:09pm.

Anybody else getting this?

Update: Oh, now, this is silly. See, I read LJ in a very small browser window, so it doesn't look too obviously not-work all over my screen; consequently I've been glancing back at my Friends page and seeing that it's still all blue... and not scrolling down. What a fucking dodo I am.

Anyway, If I scroll down, I find that I can see the other posts, but bibliogirl's post about cinema tickets still appears at the top of the page on blue background before the start of the page as I'd expect it to appear. If you see what I mean. Which is irritating (no offence meant, bibliogirl!) but not so broken I can't read it.

Now to catch up with all the stuff I could have been reading all morning. Duhhhh.
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