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An awfully small adventure

> inv
You have:

One offer of temp work which you can't take because it involves starting tomorrow
One email which makes you very happy
Three confirmation emails for the three component parts of one order
Two scotch eggs for lunch
A small piece of tin foil with which to mend a windscreen wiper
A shopping list
Two credit card bills
Insufficient sleep

>curse job
"Bloody job!" ... You feel better now.

>read emails
You re-read the email that makes you happy, and smile (and also wonder how serious one particular bit of it is intended to be).

You then re-read the three confirmation emails. What are they _doing_? Does this mean the three CDs are going to turn up separately? Ah well, you sigh. It's their postage costs...

> read shopping list
Are you _really_ that bored?

> sleep
You can't do that here.

> pay credit card bills
You don't appear to have any money.

> eat scotch eggs
Shouldn't you wait until lunchtime?

> Say xyzzy
WHOOSH! You are instantly transported back to your nice warm bed, where you quickly fall asleep and stay that way for another 12 hours.

If only... <sigh>

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