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English as she is spoke

If there's one thing worse than working through a list of "errors" recorded by somebody else and trying to turn them into a list of unambiguous change requests ... it's doing this when the errors have been recorded by somebody whose grasp of English is, shall we say, eccentric:

  • Numbering is funny, year is not stated on the issue, just in the webapage as a separator)

  • Is funny on that very 71:12 issue (due to not having month name I believe)

  • Between 39:42 and 39:45 theres two chaotic numbers

  • Before January 1997 issues arent monthed

  • Issue 50:2 (winter 1998) stands out from the rest

  • Seems to go offsync along the issues (not according to the year)

  • Issue 31:6 is orphan, surrounded by 32s and 22s

  • There are two separators unaware of what goes on with the other issues: (1999) and (2000)

I have no idea what half of these mean, and it's taking me as long to decipher what this guy means as it would take me to just go and look for any errors myself. I keep spotting things he's missed, too, so I'm having to look pretty carefully anyway.

* * *

While being slowly driven insane by this, however, I was cheered momentarily by a thesis title which my mum claims to have seen submitted today at Leicester University:

"The perceived hazardness and attention-gettingness of fluorescent and non-fluorescent colours"

This gem, mind you, was apparently submitted by somebody whose native language is English... the mind boggleth.

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