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Who knows where the time goes

hoiho and I didn't make it to Erotica in the end. What seemed like a good idea on Saturday morning turned out to be an extremely bad idea, & ended up wiping out most of Saturday in a not-particularly-pleasant way. :-( Sorry to all the people we vaguely said we'd meet up with.

Also sorry for not telling anybody that my phone wasn't working, but it was a bit hard to tell you all, because, er, my phone wasn't working. I thought I'd lost it, because it wasn't anywhere in the house, so I got it cancelled and a new one ordered, and then I found it, but not in time to cancel the cancellation.

So I'm kicking myself for being stupid about the phone, and kicking myself even more for being stupid on Saturday. Regretting not having gone to Erotica, and most of all regretting having missed out on so much of the time I was looking forward to so much. :-/

hoiho's gone back to Scotland again now, having moved the last few bits and bobs out of Hermitage. He should know pretty soon whether or not he's got that job in Edinburgh; until then I don't think either of us can really make any definite plans except that we're going to keep on trying. <sigh>

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