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Recent good things:

  • Made a nice stir-fry-ish-thing last night.

  • Got a postcard from lnr and ewx -- thank you (belatedly)!

  • Got a postcard from addedentry -- thank you (not quite so belatedly)!

  • Finally succeeded in beating PayPal into submission, so something quite silly is winging its way to me from the USA.

  • Actually found some really good Christmas presents for family in one of those ScottsofHouseofBathofCotswoldAncestralGiftIdeas catalogues that I keep getting spammed with.

  • Have signed up for a psychology study for which I will get paid Money. Okay, only £5, but money is good.

  • Have agreed to start doing bar work at the Carlton -- trial whatsits a week on Friday, to see if I like it & can do it. Never worked behind a bar before, so not only potential Money (useful) but also New Stuff (interesting).

  • [saving the best till last]hoiho is coming to Cambridge for the weekend. :)

There is of course bad stuff as well, but it's very boring.

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