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Not work - shadows of echoes of memories of songs — LiveJournal
Not work
Thank you people for lots of questions about networks. I didn't really expect anybody to take me up on that! Anyway, I think I've probably got enough questions to be going on with for the time being... :-) I hope there's no time-limit on answering the questions, either! Anyway, I've smuggled the O'Reilly Networking bookshelf CD into work with me today, and I'm busy reading that.

I still feel like a very stupid badger, but I'm trying to get less stupid. And reading this kind of stuff is much easier than thinking about stressy things.

(BTW I noticed some mutterings from martling and acronym about the Subject of my last post... in case you're interested, it was from Johnson's dictionary. I think Johnson would have approved of man pages.)
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acronym From: acronym Date: November 6th, 2003 06:06 am (UTC) (Link)
To explain; "interstitials" and "vacancies" are things that you get in crystals - in fact, a common cause of a vacancy (a site in a crystal which shouldn't be empty, but is) is formation of a vacancy-interstitial pair (an interstitial being a "gap" in the crystal between various, otherwise close-packed, atoms: think of when you stack oranges, and inevitably you get little gaps between them. If you put smaller fruit - say, grapes - in those gaps, they'd be interstitials).

Diffusion in solids often is mediated by either interstitials, or vacancies, and this is in part what my PhD is about.

- A (returning you to your regularly scheduled LJ)
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