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CV again

Okay, you're all sick of this by now, but MY JOURNAL, MY WHINGES, okay? (Love me, love my neuroses.)

Updated and enhanced CV here. (It's in Word format, sorry, because I can't format it nicely in plain text and I'm lazy.) Katherine, I haven't turned every negative into a positive, but I've turned it all into neutral-statements-with-positive-sounding-verbs-in ... will that do as a compromise? :-)

I've also added Positions of Responsibility and Other Information -- thanks to emperor for providing grown-up sounding headings. I think those sections of my CV both read a bit crap, though, so again, suggestions welcomed.


Currently wondering whether to apply for this job with the IWF. I know I could do it, but a) can I convince them that I could do it, and b) do I want to work for the IWF? Not sure.

Update: Yeah, yeah, CV now there with correctly-typed name, ph34r my l337 computing skillz. :-}
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