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CV Hell: Son of CV rides again

Yes, j4 is still whinging about jobs.

I phoned the University Temporary Employment Services (i.e. cam.ac.uk temp agency) and, obviously, they want me to send them a CV. And now I'm having a crisis of confidence to the effect that my CV is too crap to send to anybody.

My current CV looks like this, only it usually looks a bit neater since I've just hastily converted it from Word format to text-only so that people won't whine at me about not being able to see it in Lynx or on their Palm. 8-) I've got several interviews with this CV (usually accompanied by a covering letter or application form), so it can't be utterly hopeless, but.

Should I:

a) send this CV off, and stop dithering?
b) make a few changes (suggestions welcome!)?
c) rewrite it completely tonight and send it off tomorrow?

[Sorry, not a real poll, because I can't be arsed.]
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