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I've bought things, I've bought them with my... money

Spent most of Saturday in town. Tried to phone lnr and/or ewx to ask if they wanted to meet up with me and sion_a for lunch, but couldn't get through; sion_a and I had a nice lunch in Tatties anyway, where we also bumped into simonb, ottah and their friend Amanda (?) who as far as I know doesn't have an LJ. :-)

I bought all the things I intended to buy, which was rather an odd assortment including insoles, cards, toothpaste, henna, a violin mute, and a knee brace. While I was in the music shop looking for a mute (and some viola music so that I can learn to read alto clef again), sion_a took the opportunity to ask about trombone rental.

I just want to say "trombone rental" again, because the phrase is really much funnier than it should be.

Anyway, a combination of good sales technique from the nice girl in the music shop and unsubtle encouragement from me eventually persuaded him that he really did want to rent the trombone; so hopefully (assuming he does get back into playing again) he'll be able to join the Concert Orchestra next term too. And having heard the noise a trombone makes, I don't think I'll need to feel guilty about practising violin while he's in earshot any more. :-)

Back home we recovered from shopping with the aid of lots of tea, before heading back out again for acronym's birthday party / antinomy and Nigel's engagement party. Eventually found Kate & Nigel's place despite sion_a transposing the digits of the house number in his head -- still not quite as impressive as emperor accidentally adding up the digits in his head before passing the address on to atreic.

All in all it was quite a good party -- great to talk to acronym properly, lovely to see lnr for a change, and good to chat to various other people. Though really I was quite lazy and stayed on the same sofa all evening, so only really talked to the people who happened to end up near me ... I blame tiredness. And I feel like I didn't say much to the Happy Couple at all (apart from a bizarre and confused conversation with Kate and her sister, about aeroplanes and eBay) but I hope they do carry on being happy, and I hope they had a good party anyway.

sion_a and I got home some time after the clocks had gone back.

Today I will be mostly discovering clocks I'd forgotten to set; re-henna-ing my hair (if I have time); tidying up; generally pottering. And hoiho gets back this evening (hurrah!) so will probably be going for dinner with him.

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