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So I phoned the nice man about the Tech Writer job that I saw advertised, thinking he'd say "Yes, dear, now go away and get another three years' experience," and instead he said "Oooh, great, send me your CV and some samples of documentation you've written, could you? Preferably before the end of the day?"


Added to this, I've got the assessment-type-thing (not an interview, that comes later, if I pass the test) for the Police Intelligence Officer job tomorrow -- it's something to do with report-writing but other than that I know nothing about it, & thus have no real way of preparing for it.

Still heard nothing from CUP, either. I'll be surprised if they don't even want to interview me (unless they decided when they interviewed me last time that I was just too hopeless) but it's looking increasingly likely that that's going to be the case.

I've realised that, deep down, I never really expect these people to even consider giving me jobs. The way the job-application process goes is that I send off applications, and that stops me feeling like a completely useless waste of space for another few days, at least until the rejection letters start pouring in. And then, to be honest, I'm secretly relieved; until I start feeling miserable again because I still have no money and no purpose to my life.
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