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you're making lists today of all the things you haven't done yet

Out of the things I aimed to get done this weekend, I managed to do most of them -- I tidied my room (and the living room), I got several batches of clothes washed, I did some piano practice, and ... I think that's about it.

Yesterday I did my first shift as a volunteer at Oxfam Books on Sidney Street. I think I did more useful work in one afternoon there than I have done in three years at ProQuest. The other people who work there are lovely, and I spent a happy afternoon shifting piles of books around and sorting them into boxes. It's not quite the roomful of books which do not symbolise anything that I was looking for, but it's close enough to make me happy.

I've been working hard on stuff for ProQuest today. It's soul-destroyingly boring, unsurprisingly. I had a lot of motivation this morning because I'd planned to meet hoiho for lunch and I wanted to get lots of work done beforehand; but he was feeling too ill to do lunch in the end. The motivation lasted for a little while after that anyway, but now it's gone.

Sometimes I feel like I spend my entire life waiting for things that probably won't happen.

When I finish this post I'm going to go and get a coffee, and maybe something to eat. I think I can just about manage to plan that far ahead.

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