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Gratuitous sax and mindless violins

Orchestra rehearsal was good, although I am very cross with my desk-partner. She took our music home two weeks ago to photocopy it all so that she could practise it, and when we came to look for our copy of the Guys and Dolls medley today we couldn't find it. At first she insisted that I must have it, but for once my lack-of-practice could be turned to my advantage as I knew I hadn't touched the music since she gave it back to me. :-} Eventually she admitted she'd probably left it in the photocopier or something, but she didn't even apologise for having lost it (not to mention having cost the orchestra money if she's really lost it). Stupid cow.

Went to the Carlton after orchestra to find a very depleted SGO quiz presence -- only ewx, beckyc, cjwatson and Peter Benie. Had interesting music-related conversations with the latter two and (once again) resolved to get some kind of music ensemble going. A string quartet would be good, but we are sadly lacking in violins/violas -- I can play either (though would prefer violin for the time being as I'm vastly more out-of-practice on viola) but I seem to be the only one in Cambridge who'll admit to being able to do so. On the other hand, we have three cellists (cjwatson, emperor and timeplease) so could probably manage something along the lines of Apocalyptica if I played viola and pretended to be the high end of the cello range. :-)

Call for musicians
Anyway: if anybody in Cambridge plays anything, frankly, and wants to get involved in a very amateurish play-random-music-for-fun collective, then shout here (or shout at me by email). At the moment I think the bias is likely to be towards classical and "light" music, but that's negotiable.
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