Janet (j4) wrote,

Pottering all around the house...

... is something I've been doing a lot of over the last few days.

Was off work on Friday -- just feeling too grotty and shattered to be able to face going in -- but, despite having intended to do stuff around the house, I failed to get much done, instead spending most of the time reading Chalet School books and playing Minesweeper (oops).

Friday evening we had lnr, ewx and lark_ascending round for pizza and video. Our default pizza company, who are usually quite good, failed to remember Richard's pizza, which was a bit annoying, especially as the "15 minutes" which they claimed it would take to re-deliver it turned out to be more like 40 minutes. We watched the video of Fight Club -- thanks to lark_ascending for bringing the video! -- which was the first time I'd seen it, thought everybody else had seen it before. I'd read the book, though, so I knew what was going on; in a way that was a shame, as I'd be interested to know how the film looks when you don't know what the 'twist' is going to be. Personally I think the book is better, but I'm not sure how much of that is just because I read it first...

On Saturday sion_a had to go into hospital for a minor operation -- don't worry, nothing life-threatening or particularly serious, but he did have to have a general anaesthetic, so I had to drive him to and from the hospital. I was really worried about leaving him there at all, because he was so nervous about the whole thing, but everything went okay, and he's back home now -- though he'll be off work for the next week as he's still in quite a lot of pain and drowsy with painkillers, poor thing.

This is stupid, I know, but I was almost as worried about driving home and back to the hospital on my own as Siôn was about the operation! The thing that scares me most about driving is not knowing my way around -- I have practically no sense of direction and a very poor memory for journeys, even ones I've made several times. I do try very hard with this, but it feels like it's something that my brain just doesn't want to do. Perhaps I should invent a word for it; claiming that I suffer from "acartographia" sounds a lot more impressive than saying that I don't know my way around Cambridge still after over two years.

While Siôn was in hospital I managed to get quite a lot of "life-maintenance" done (tidying, bills, etc.). Phoned TXU Energi to ask them why we haven't had any electricity bills (turns out they thought we still had a card meter (!) -- perhaps we shouldn't have told them! ;-) and then phoned 24/7 to ask them to take away our superfluous second electricity supply... only to find that their name is belied by their opening hours. Ho hum. Also phoned Cambridge Kitchens to arrange a date for them to measure up our kitchen, so that we can go ahead with getting it designed and installed; and phoned a piano tuner (which I should have done months ago, as the piano hasn't been tuned since we moved it in here) -- who unfortunately
can only do the piano on a weekday, which means I'll have to take a day (or at least a half-day) off work for it. Ho hum.

In addition to all this I managed to get some washing-up, clothes-washing, tidying and hoovering done. Phew. I don't think I'd mind doing lots of housework if it was all I had to do, i.e. if I didn't have to go into work as well... unfortunately that's not really an option.

Quiet day today so far, as Siôn and I spent most of the morning in bed, just reading and snuggling. Wish we had time to do that more often! Earlier this afternoon simonb came to visit Siôn, so I came and pottered up in the computer loft, updated LJ, and listened to Alison Krauss "New Favourite" for about the millionth time. My idea of a lovely relaxing afternoon!

NYR update in brief: Played far too much minesweeper, but am reading some non-fiction ("Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore -- recommended!). Have made progress towards sorting out credit cards, but very little progress elsewhere, except on the driving front.

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