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Assault and battery

Well, pto452 was fine last night, but when I came to start her today (to go to the karate lesson that I'm supposed to be at now, but have fortunately managed to reschedule to Friday) all I got was the hopeless wheezing of a car attempting to start without a battery.

I've taken the battery out and hooked it up to the charger (and the charger certainly seems to agree that the battery needs charging), but this is ridiculous -- the battery was new only a month or two ago. I know it's not the dynamo this time, because the dynamo light has been on all the time when it should be (I've been watching it carefully); so that means something is hoovering up the battery charge, and I need to find out what.

All suggestions gratefully received...

Update: Okay, I'm stupid. brrm has just pointed out that the ignition light shouldn't be on all the time, so if it's been on (and it has) then the dynamo isn't working. The worst of it is, it's not my dynamo -- it's one I've borrowed while mine gets reconditioned. So I'll have to pay to get that one fixed and to get mine fixed (when it eventually gets done -- I think the people who are doing it have forgotten about it).

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