Janet (j4) wrote,

Slow time

So hoiho headed up to Scotland yesterday, and said he'd text me when he got there safely, no matter how late it was. Well, I got the SMS saying that he was stuck in horrendous queues, and the SMS saying that the M6 was closed, and the SMS saying he'd broken down, and the SMS saying that the car was fixed, and the SMS (at about 2am) saying he'd got as far as Cumbria.

Nothing at all since then. And the worst of it is that if anything has happened to him, I'll have no way of knowing; there's nothing concrete or official to link me with him, no reason for anybody to tell me anything. I'll just have to watch the minutes become hours (oh, but we're already into hours) and the hours become days, the time piling up around me and slowly solidifying into a shape that I can't yet bring myself to name.
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