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Paranoia, paranoia...

Okay, as a result of my previous poll one person is now convinced that everybody is going to suddenly stop trusting them, and thus immediately cut them out of their friends lists without further discussion or explanation, because of what they said in answer to the poll. Sigh.

Perhaps I should have added some kind of disclaimer to the effect that the statements in the ticky-boxes are what you would feel/think/assume in the absence of any other specific information to the contrary from the poster.

And hopefully people are clueful enough to, y'know, talk to each other about things, and discuss it if they're worried about including them on "friends" groups, rather than just going "Argh, they said this on a stupid ticky-box poll, I must SPURN THEM henceforth".

<exasperated sigh>

I'm retrospectively filled with sympathy for the teachers on playground duty at my primary school.

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