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Water through a rusted pipe

I would like to be able to say that from where I sit I can only see a small square of sky, but in fact it is an irregular polygon of sky. It is dissected neatly by window-frames; it is bounded by rooftops and walls.
How will I know when I am happy?
Applying for jobs is a collaborative exercise in self-fictionalisation. However, the multi-layered roleplaying involved in the application process is probably a better test of suitability for working life than any qualifications. I am acting the part of a person who is doing my job.
This is the throwaway line on which everybody will focus their answer.
I am constantly frustrated by myth; I long to be granted a role in the stories I know, so that I can use my knowledge to take the correct path. This desire is misguided: we are writing the stories we will come to know, walking backwards along the correct path.
I never believe what I write.
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