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What I did at the weekend - shadows of echoes of memories of songs — LiveJournal
What I did at the weekend
Long weekend started on Thursday night -- lovely to have hoiho back in Cambridge again. We went to the Carlton but didn't stay long; he was shattered from 400 miles of driving and I was just shattered with no real excuse. Felt a bit guilty about running away so early, and then a bit annoyed with myself for feeling guilty -- Thursday night pub meets shouldn't feel like a commitment, but in a way they do. Maybe that's as it should be -- after all, friendships require commitment too -- but on the other hand I don't feel like I often have proper conversations with people on Thursday nights. Maybe that's not the point. Oh well, something to muse on later perhaps. <shrug>

On Friday hoiho and I went into town for a last shot at the Andy's Records closing-down sale; I picked up about £150's worth of CDs for only £40-odd, but I really shouldn't have spent that much at all. sion_a may be paying me back for some of them though if he does want the ones I got with him in mind. (sion_a's gone off on holiday with his parents now; I hope the break's doing him good. Have exchanged a few text messages but that's about all -- funny how you can feel like you hardly speak to somebody when they are there, but then still miss them when they're not there...)

Friday afternoon I finally managed to take pto452 to local moggy mechanic Ian Allen, to get her ailing fan and water-pump sorted out. Ages ago now, half the fan-blade sheared off; it looked as though the problem was the boss which joins the fan to the water-pump, which is very worn and doesn't really sit properly on the shaft -- which means the whole thing wobbles badly, which is probably what was putting tension on the fan and made it break. Anyway, Ian had ordered in a new water-pump, & was supposed to be fitting this on Friday. However, when it came to fit it he realised that the new pump didn't come with the boss -- and the old boss wouldn't fit the new pump -- so it wouldn't in fact solve anything. In the end all he did was take everything to bits, clean out the old parts & put them back together again -- hey, it's a tried and tested technique ;) -- and it does seem better now, although he says the bearings are worn as well & he's not sure how long the whole thing will hold together. He's ordered a new (well, replacement second-hand) boss though, & if it turns out to be better than mine we'll fit that anyway; hopefully, however, I won't need the new pump (which would have cost about £70) after all. We'll see how she runs for the next couple of weeks; in order to test that everything's working & not likely to come loose again, I've got to make sure I do plenty of driving -- what a hardship, eh. <grin>

After sorting pto452 out & taking her back home, hoiho and I headed up to Wet Yorkshire (which was actually gloriously sunny all weekend) to see k425 and OldBloke. It was a lovely weekend -- just hope we weren't too much trouble! And thank you to k425 for letting me feel youngbloke -- I'd never felt an unborn baby having hiccups before. :-)

Came back the long way via Manchester (for shopping -- Affleck's Palace is sadly shut on Sundays, but Vinyl Exchange is open...) and Loughborough (to see my parents). Picked up various bits of stuff from parents' house including my dad's mandolin (which he's lending me) -- now I just have to learn to play the thing...

Didn't get back to Cambridge until late (I blame the M1), and I really didn't want to get up this morning, but pto425 and I made it into work on time in the end.

Current Mood: hopeful
Now playing: Grateful Dead (not sure what -- can't see track listing)

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beingjdc From: beingjdc Date: September 15th, 2003 06:34 am (UTC) (Link)
The M1 was a bit nuts this weekend, but the A1 is just plain evil, so... I took the A60, as you may have read. Not quite the thing for Manchester-Cambridge though.
k425 From: k425 Date: September 15th, 2003 07:49 am (UTC) (Link)
You were no trouble at all, either of you!

Plus you brought chocolates, and offered flowers - and apparently know us both well enough to know that this means I can now tease Rapunzel for his dereliction in never buying me flowers...

I had a dreadful feeling I'd been overly pregnant at you, but I still find the whole thing incredibly fascinating and therefore feel that other people, especially if they've not been through it themselves, will find it fascinating. I'm glad you liked the hiccups - Bug gets them quite a lot!
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