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Stupid, stupid, stupid

I must read emails more carefully, to avoid completely missing invitations to things & thus offending people. :-(

I must stop being crap and avoidant about email; and I must stop using LiveJournal as a substitute for email, even if it feels much less stressful for some reason.

I must stop taking so many days of non-stop stressy procrastination to get job applications written. Miffy pictures are no substitute for a salary.

I must stop fretting nervously about things I can't possibly influence in any way.

I must stop fretting nervously about things I can influence, because if I carry on feeling this nervous I'll probably fuck them up just because I'm in such a state.

I must GO TO BED before 1am, especially when I have to get up in time to get into work at 9am.

I must get a job that doesn't make me feel so sick at the thought of going into work that I'm even avoiding going to sleep just because I know that when I wake up I'll have to immediately start getting ready for work. :-(
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