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Perchance to dream

Last night I had very odd dreams in which I was carrying my pillow around with me through the most incongruous situations. I always sleep with my arms wrapped around one of my pillows -- have done ever since I was a child -- but I think this is the first time I've carried the damn thing into a dream with me. The only bit I can remember of the dream now is that I was having some kind of argument with beingjdc, who said it was my fault that he had split up with ceb and she had gone out with Ian instead, because I had got off with beingjdc and ceb had stopped fancying him as a result. Or something like that. I put the pillow down while having this argument, but I remember picking it up before leaving his house, and walking back home in my bare feet, still carrying my pillow.

All of which, of course, is mere procrastinatory rambling; I really should go to bed, but I don't really feel tired -- I've had too much coffee for that. Also, I feel unsettled, and too much stuff is wandering around in my mind for me to want to go and be alone with it, without distractions. If I could choose what to dream about I might be more inclined to head in the direction of sleep; but as it is I know my dreams will probably just be more nonsense, with a grumbling subtext of anxiety and guilt.

Oh well. Can't put it off for ever, I suppose. <weary sigh> Goodnight all.

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