Janet (j4) wrote,

keep on keepin' on

pto452 has her water-pump transplant booked for next Friday. Not as soon as I'd like but better late than never. Hopefully she'll be back in good running order before it gets any colder round here.

hoiho came round this morning to bring me strawberries and say goodbye before going back up to Scotland for an indefinite amount of time -- probably about a week but maybe longer. I'll miss him but I guess a bit of distance might do us both good; it hasn't been easy recently, even if things did seem more hopeful today.

I've reserved four tickets to see the Levellers (in their acoustic guise as Drunk In Public) at the Boat Race on Saturday. Feeling very guilty about missing marnameow's party but I really can't face partyish atmosphere, and I will only feel worse if I stay in and mope. I don't really want to go to the gig on my own but I also don't really want to have to talk much to anybody; hoping I can just drink and listen to good music. So if anybody else is feeling antisocial and wants to see the Levellers (hell, I remember when being antisocial was more or less required if you were an indie kid), email me. Sorry again to marnameow for being so crap. :-(

All the people who have emailed me, thank you for caring, and I'm sorry this is the closest you've had to a reply. Feeling very distanced from everything at the moment. It does help to know you're out there but beyond that there's not much I can say. I hope you'll forgive me for being so useless.

I think I'm going to go back to bed and read more Chalet School books.

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