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A small matter of procedure

This brings us to the question of whether to tip the coke into the half-empty coffee cup, or the coffee into the half-empty coke can. Factors to be taken into consideration include, but are not limited to, the following:

i. The preferred ratio of coke to coffee,
ii. The preferred temperature of each component liquid (separately and/or combined),
iii. The relative pricing of the component liquids (see Appendix I),
iv. The desired quantity of the resulting combination.

It was agreed that we would look into the possibility of providing an alternative container for the combining of the two liquids. [Action point: JM to investigate.]

Appendix I

In August 2003 a 330ml container ('can') of Coca-Cola ('coke') retailed from Cambridge Vending Machines Ltd. ('the drinks machine') at £0.50.

Coffee followed a more complex pricing matrix, viz.:

Fresh Brew£0.00£0.00£0.00£0.00
Instant Medium Roast£0.00£0.00£0.00£0.00

All types of coffee are sold in the same measure, that is, "small plastic cup".

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