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Useful stuff, shopping, feeeeesh, pub, headaches, faff.

Took yesterday off work, which was definitely A Good Idea. Had a slightly productive morning -- managed to do some tidying, put two washes on, and do a bit of piano practice -- and then went into town to meet lnr for lunch. Lovely to see her again properly & talk for the first time in what feels like ages (possibly because it actually was ages).

Spent the afternoon shopping with hoiho, and actually managed to avoid buying books, clothes or CDs! But I did buy a feeeeeesh. :-) It's a huge purple-and-blue fish-shaped bath-pillow, with a dopey grin (sion_a pointed out this morning that the fish appears to be belming) and big eyes. Should let me lie in the bath and read without making my neck ache so much.

Pub in the evening started out well (even if I ended up spending half the evening on the phone -- first to parents, then to Sylvia) but I started getting a bad headache, and the worse it got the more irritable I got. I didn't want to have to run away from the pub for such a crap reason, but in the end after snapping at sion_a for practically nothing I realised I really just wasn't very good company any more. Sorry folks for not saying good night properly but my head was just screaming at me by that point and I couldn't face staying long enough to say goodbye to everybody. :-/ Thank you so much to lnr for walking home with me & looking after me for a bit, I'm not sure I would have got home otherwise!

After lnr left I went to lie down, & must have fallen asleep... had very weird dreams which I will try to write down at some point, but not here. Anyway, I woke with a start at about 5 a.m. when I heard the little "bing!" that means someone's trying to shut the bathroom door quietly. And the first thing I saw was a BADGER staring at me -- sion_a had put one of my (toy) badgers beside me and gone to sleep in the other room so as not to wake me. Awww. Later when sion_a got up I was going to get up too ... but actually fell asleep again cuddling the badger (it was Schroedinger, for those who know my badgers). Really needed the sleep. Later I woke up again to see a (toy) kitten staring at me. :-) Freaky, in a kind of cute way.

Could quite happily go back to bed now and sleep for another few hours but I've got to pack because I'm going to visit my parents -- getting the train some time after lunch. Then up to Oxford on Sunday afternoon for the tatmeet. Will probably be off TEH INTERWEB for the rest of the weekend.

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