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Libraries gave us power

Got to the University Library and managed to get a temporary (~2 week) reader's card so I can do this test from the OED. In fact, managed to do 2/3 of the test while I was there, but the last 1/3 needs a book that I'd have to order from the stacks, and the ordering-time was 45 minutes and by that time I'd done the other stuff, and I didn't want to sit around for 45 minutes waiting because it was too hot (and I was too stressed) to just sit and read. And they only hold books for a day, and I don't really want to have to go in tomorrow. So I will nip in on Monday after work and order the book up, then go in on Tuesday and do the last bit of test, and then send it all off (it has to be in by the 15th).

Pleased to discover that I could still manage to find books in a big scary university library. I know that sounds pathetic given that I spent 4 years at Oxford, but it's been so long and I'd been feeling very panicky about it ... partly because of a general feeling that I can't remember how to think, let alone study, any more.

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Now sitting in the computer room wearing nothing but underwear because it's TOO HOT. Going to the Pr0tland tonight to see the Broken Family Band (indie-ish alt-country, local band, got their first album and it's very good, saw them live at the Folk Festival and they were ace, would have bought the new album but they'd run out of it at the CD stall at the Folk Festival) so that should be fun. Would have liked to do B-Movie but time, money and sleep prevent it. Ah well, maybe next time.

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