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Questions from marnameow
What book(s) are you reading, currently?
Stephen King and Peter Straub, Black House
also lots of other things vaguely on the go, including:
Don Delillo, Underworld
Candia McWilliam, A Case of Knives
(I think I may have completely stalled on both of these)

What music is playing? What other sounds can you hear?
Shibusashirazu orchestra is playing in my ears. Can hear myself typing, other people walking around, and just heard the announcement on the PA that the reception area is closing.

Look at the screen in front of you. What apps have you got open? What's running in the background?
IE open for LiveJournal, plus another 5 IE windows; CDPlayer, TextPad, and PuTTY are all running as well.

What was the last thing you ate? Drank?
Ate: Strawberry Mullerice; drank: can of Coke.

What are you wearing?
Soggy, sweat-soaked clothes. Icky icky ick. Navy denim shorts, anciently comfortable black sleeveless t-shirt thingy. Black undies. NO SHOES, I have taken my nice new chunky sandals off and am shoeless at work in blatant defiance of H&S rules. Ha!

Where are you? At work, at home? What room are you in?
Work, horrible great open-plan nightmare world of hell. NO FUCKING AIRCON.

What are you meant to be doing?
Working. Or, actually, going home.

Sniff! Sniff! What can you smell?
Strawberry mullerice. Sweat. General officey smell.

Who was the last person you spoke to in person? On the phone? Online? How long ago was it?
In person: Magic Geoff at work, who Gets Things Done with miraculous skill and speed. Earlier this afternoon. Oh, no, wait, Annoying Richard just said "seeya" to me, as I was typing that, and I said "seeya" back!
Online: People on irc, so, er, whoever was on channel. Hugged lnr on /msg. :)
On the phone: My mum, last night.

What's the last thing you bought in a shop? Over the interweb?
Shop: books for 5p each at the library sale!
Interweb: stuff from Amazon (CD, couple of books) which hasn't arrived yet.

Are you feeling ill or achy or otherwise not well?
Yes, but this is more or less normal for me. Stomach ache continues, and I am TOO FUCKING HOT.

Are you wearing any jewellery? A watch? Hair things? Makeup? Something else that is not clothes?
No watch (since my nice watch broke); hairtie; no makeup as usual. No jewellery except engagement ring.

Are you sitting comfortably?
Nope. I'm hot and sticky and icky, but fortunately also just about to go home.

Thanks for the questions! Gave me something to do...

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