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and still the hardest part for you to put your trust in me

Prompted by jiggery_pokery, I finally got round to trying the TrustFlow trust metric.

Top 50 people closest to my friends list:

1: sphyg
2: lusercop
3: antinomy
4: vyvyan
5: mjg59
6: beckyc
7: ptc24
8: nassus

Okay, so the top 8 people are all people I know and probably should have added to my friends list, since at least some of them have friended me. Sorry guys.

9: damerell

No thanks.

10: kitty_goth

Not sure why kitty isn't on my friends list... (Will add!)

11: pto452
12: youngbloke
13: babyholly

Er, a car and two as yet unborn babies. :)

The rest are a mixture of: people I should know; people I do know (but not well); people I know well enough to know that I don't want to know them well; people I've lost touch with; people I don't know at all; and web comics. But a good few are friends-of-friends whose names keep popping up & whom I really ought to find out more about.

14: valkyriekaren
15: rmc28
16: atreic
17: hsenag
18: news
19: dilbert_feed
20: mtbc100
21: calnhobbes
22: sys64738
23: lj_maintenance
24: bellinghman
25: claroscuro
26: bellinghwoman
27: rillaith
28: simon_cozens
29: cleanskies
30: hmw26
31: naranek
32: narenek
33: mstevens
34: aldabra
35: naath
36: atommickbrane
37: buzzy_bee
38: shadow_jess
39: glitterboy1
40: feanelwa
41: _nicolai_
42: damned_colonial
43: domh
44: weds
45: morayallan
46: choric
47: diffrentcolours
48: blarglefiend
49: pm215
50: wildeabandon

(Oh, and looky-here who's in last place. How funny.)

I think this is really interesting because it shows me that people are, y'know, all kind of interconnected. <p;yawn>

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