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Weaselly recognised

Your weasel is the Domestic Ferret!
Your weasel is the Domestic Ferret. You're cute,
you're playful, you're mischevious, you love
being at home with people. An ambasador of
Good news: You're the weasel everyone wants. Your
good house manners, brought about by thousands
of years of genetic seletion, make you housepet
and weasel about town.
Bad news: People STILL think you're a wild animal.
You're not! You're a sucky wimp, okay?

Which weasel are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

And while I rather like this result... FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! What weasel are you? This really is plumbing the depths.

* * *

In other news: feeling a lot better today. Stomach pains seem to be dying down (which does rather make me suspect that stress was aggravating them, if not actually causing them) and I've got through the morning on only two cans of coke (this sounds bad, but is actually a slight improvement).

Lovely to see hoiho again last night; we accidentally ended up in the Carlton pub quiz (with mobbsy and beckyc) and came a very respectable second place. Then back to Hermitage for coffee.

Folk festival ticket for hoiho (which is what all the eBay fuss was about) should be in the post today, so should arrive tomorrow (when I'll actually be in to catch the recorded delivery!). Also, my latest order of CDs from Amazon was despatched today, so with any luck that will turn up tomorrow too. Nice timing.

Karate lesson yesterday was good; feel like things are coming together a lot better. Still REALLY need to practice more (i.e. "at all", ahem) though.

Pub as usual tonight (after I've finished the job application, sigh), and no work tomorrow (though I have to be in and awake-ish when the niceman from 24/7 turns up to take our spare electricity away). Then Skelliga gig tomorrow night at the Portland.

Now if only I could stop feeling guilty for being a bit happier... <sigh>

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