Janet (j4) wrote,

I dreamed a dream

Thing I was going to post ages ago, random weird dream I had a couple of weeks ago. I woke up some time around 3am and went straight to the computer room and typed it up, as I didn't think I'd get to sleep otherwise, but LJ wouldn't let me post it then; this is exactly as I typed it then.

There were people, there were definitely people downstairs, loud voices talking, and sion_a was sitting up in bed and his hair was short and very blond, I knew he must have dyed it earlier while he was in the bathroom for ages, but now he was saying "I'm just going downstairs, I'll be back in a minute", and I was trying to tell him about the people downstairs, but I couldn't speak, and I was clutching at him trying to say "people" and it was just coming out as vague noises because I was half asleep, and I knew I had to say it, and I woke myself up doing so. And sat up in bed staring into the darkness while sion_a slept peacefully next to me and there were no voices downstairs.

Before that I dreamed I was at giolla's house, only he was the same person as Simon Cozens, and he still cared about me far too much, but I knew I wasn't supposed to like him any more; he was wearing the long black coat and the hat but he had the beard that Simon had tried to grow as well. One of his cats was eating a bright green cactus/succulent kind of plant, which I thought was a bit odd but then he said it was a plastic cactus, which made it even odder. I insisted it was real until he lifted it out of the pot and showed me the plastic base, and by that time it was going all foamy and strange anyway, more like shampoo than a cactus. So I knew it wasn't real, and I felt a bit stupid for ever having thought it was real. While wandering around this junkroom where the plastic cactus was, I saw a big multicoloured bit of sari cloth of mine and said "Oh, that's where that went", and he said "Yes, can I give it back to you for a bit?", and I was confused by him talking about "for a bit" like we were going to get back together, but I said "Yeah, I don't mind at all", and he said "I won't wear it any more", and I was surprised he'd ever have worn it, I just used it as a random decorative bit of cloth, but apparently he had worn it.

I was looking for his bathroom and the hallway had lots of metallic doors in it, I opened one and it was some kind of boiler cupboard or something, he had to show me the bathroom door, and it looked like it opened outwards but you had to push it inwards, and only the top half of the door opened at first, then the bottom half followed it, and for some reason I said it was harder for me because I was short, and I asked him "When are you going to redesign your house around me then?" and he said "When I've got lots of money". And the bathroom had lots of weird foliage in it, and I was looking for somewhere to wash the dirt off my feet, and I turned a tap on and it turned out to be some kind of shower-head tap for the bidet, but I couldn't get it to reach the bidet, until I pulled it really hard and it all slid across, and then I had to stand in a sort of bucket bit of it and push it across further, and as I did so I leaned over and said "And she slides into second" and thought as I did so "What sport's that meant to be from? You don't have second position in football".

The other bit I remember is that there was some sort of environmental festival and that was all leafy too, and wet, and there was a hill with lights and music at the top of it and a sort of flimsy string fence around the base of the hill, and my sister was dancing rave-style with the people at the top of the hill, and I looked up and thought about going to join her, and vaguely wondered if I could get some E from somebody & whether that'd impress her, and whether it'd be fun being on E with my sister, but in the end I decided to just lie on the grass at the bottom of the hill with the other spaced-out people. The grass was really wet but it didn't matter.

The environmental bit only made sense later, because they were demonstrating just how much water you waste when you shower. [In fact that bit must have come first because I think it followed into the bathroom bit. Actually, I'm not entirely sure I wasn't dreaming all these episodes concurrently, because they all loop back into each other.] I was showering my feet and somebody was saying they could use this as a demonstration of how much water you use up, and the water was all muddy, and I was thinking "and then I could sit in a bath full of all the dirty water that's used up and it'd be like the Hopefuls on The Word -- 'I'd do anything to get on television!'" -- but I didn't tell them this. And somebody was saying how in the olden days you used to just put yourself in the water and stay there until you were clean (or something along those lines), but nobody was really listening to them.

Then I was watching Gemma Hayes playing with some band I'd never heard of, also at this festival; they were supposed to be the support band and she was the main act but she was singing with them, and I didn't think they were very good and I thought I remembered her being better when I'd seen her before. It was raining and people were leaving, putting their waterproofs on and going home, and talking over the music, and a man behind me was clutching at my arm and I was trying to get free and in the end I turned round and said "What are you doing?" loudly and lots of people turned to look, and he explained that he'd got his watch strap caught in my jumper & was trying to get it free, and I realised I was wearing hoiho's jumper that I'd borrowed, and I was cross with myself for having brought it to this festival, in the rain, because it was going to get all ruined.

I remember going back to the tent with my sister, it was in the middle of a forest and she was looking for wood for the fire, she had a basket to collect it in and everything; and we were laughing at the tents that the goths had set up, with strings and wires around the whole circle of tents like some kind of fence, with feathers and shiny things and shoes twisted into the wire, and I wondered if the idea was that this fence would jangle if anybody tried to come into the tents at night, and I thought they all looked very vulnerable with all this fragile wire construction around them, and it wasn't actually going to stop any burglars getting in.

And the Giolla/Simon person was there, with his hair dyed blond, and I think that's when I saw sion_a sitting up in bed, and realised I was in bed at home and still half-asleep, and he had blond hair too, and he was saying he was going to go downstairs, but I knew I had to warn him about the voices ... and that's where you came in.

And it's all getting less real as I type it out, and hopefully now I'll be able to sleep.

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