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First catch your lemming

First and Last and Always, meme

first bike: My Star Trike, a little white plastic trike. First vaguely proper bike was a Raleigh something-or-other, pink and blue girly bike. Not a Raleigh Princess, that came a little later.
first best friend: Kerry Hurst from my first primary school. I met up with her again though a few years after we'd moved away and I didn't have anything to say to her at all, it was really sad.
first real memory of something: What's a "real" memory? I very dimly remember moving house, aged about 2-ish. There were lots of boxes and I'd lost Pocket Dolly. After that it's lots of stuff from age 3-ish.
first car: pto452. I'm glad I'll always be able to say that my first car was her, even if I eventually get a slightly more practical car as well / instead.
first screen name: 'fruitcake', on OxIRC.
first self purchased album: Probably Suzanne Vega "Solitude Standing". That's the first one I remember buying, anyway.
first funeral: Jane Chaney, a friend of the family. She had a brain aneurysm(?), died with absolutely no warning. She was younger than my parents, and she and her husband Mike had a daughter (Alex) who was the same age as my sister. The funeral was beautiful, a female vicar led the service very sensitively, and Mike and Alex both read poems -- Mike read something by Hardy, and Alex read "The Owl and the Pussycat" because that's what mummy used to read to her.
first pet: A hamster called Manuel. He could fit 72 sunflower seeds in his cheek-pouches at once. (We counted.)
first prime minister voted for: I refer you to lnr's answer to this one.
first piercing/tattoo: ears aged 16.
first independent home: Shared house at 19 Lewell Avenue, Oxford. Simon Cozens and I ended up sharing with two total randoms when the Pembroke Posse carefully organised their houseshare so that there wasn't room for us. Random #1 was Ben Hutchings, who some people here will know (but we didn't know him then); random #2 was a biochemistry postdoc called Matt Groves (yes, really) and was a complete dickhead.
first house/flat/apartment: Owned, you mean? 13 French's Road, modulo arguments about whether you can really "own" a house if your name is on the mortgage but you don't pay any at the moment and somebody else paid for half the total value of the house in cash...
first love: My friend Debbie, at High School. I wrote hundreds of poems in praise of her beauty (and in bitterness about her complete unattainability). I thought I was going to die of love for her.
first big trip: What counts as "big"? First trip abroad was family holiday to Switzerland when I was 11. My dad drove us over, with Mémé (my maternal grandmother) in the passenger seat and me, my mum and my sister Lorna in the back (my mum between us so that Lorna and I couldn't fight). From Loughborough down to Felixstowe, overnight ferry to Zeebrugge, a day of driving through Belgium and France, overnight stay in a hotel in France, then on to Switzerland the next day.
first sport played: First real sport was probably netball, but I'd rather say something like "egg and spoon racing". Netball was good fun though.
first instrument you remember playing in your house: Piano. My great-grandma taught me to play "Birdy Song" (not that one -- a different one) when I was very small. It goes like this:

C D E C F E D - C B A G A B C
Birdy song is very gay, he is happy all the day.

I remember making up a second verse (to the same tune) which went "He is happy all day long, as he sings his birdy song", which in retrospect I think is rather good, using a simple strophic form to produce a pleasing sense of symmetry and self-sufficiency symbolic of the bird's ordered (yet ultimately hedonistic) existence.

last movie seen: The Animatrix, last night. Mostly very good, although "Matriculated" was a bit nonsensical. Very pretty psychedelic animation though.
last cuss word uttered: "Fuck", as I realised that the salad I'd brought into work was off (it looked fine, but when I opened the bag it smelt fermented and grim). I sometimes wonder if I swear too much, too casually. Some people say I do. ... Fuck 'em.
last beverage drank: Coke. Only the second can of the day.
last food consumed: An avocado and some roast chicken slices, which were supposed to be added to the salad to make a nice big bowl of chicken and avocado salad. Hmph.
last phone call: Phoned Mémé yesterday, got all the news about the family and arranged to go up and see her and Pépé at the end of the month.
last tv show watched: Last TV show actually watched was probably "Have I Got News for You" or "Never Mind the Buzzcocks", or something else that I quite enjoy when sion_a puts it on but can't be bothered to go and find. I can't remember the last time I made a conscious choice to sit down and watch something on TV.
last time showered: Um, a while ago. I dunno. I have baths instead, okay?
last shoes worn: currently wearing flat black Clarks sandals. Last different pair worn: black mock-suede sandals with mock-cork soles (cheap! cheap!) last night. I've had them for about a decade now, I can't believe they haven't fallen apart.
last cd played: A Grateful Dead album, er, dunno which one because I don't have any of the inlays etc. Hang on... [googles] -- ah yes, CD1 of this set.
last item bought: can of coke from drinks machine at work.
last download: No idea. Probably a .pdf of a job description or something.
last annoyance: some cretin at work left the cupboard door over the fridge open, so when I got up from ferreting in the back of the fridge I cracked my head on the corner hard enough to see stars. He said "Oh, sorry, I left the cupboard door open." Yes, dickbrain; my head already discovered that, the hard way.
last disappointment: Not sure really. Last major disappointment was over the job at ACRE. Last minor disappointment was when the Oysterband didn't end with "Put out the lights" despite the fact that it was on their set list.
last soda drank: Huh? Coke. Why do you ask?
last thing written: This LJ entry, of course. Oh, before that? Er, "/me goes to make lunch" on irc.
last key used: D-lock for my bike.
last words spoken: "I'm okay, I'll just have a headache". Spoken through gritted teeth to cretinous cupboard-door-leaving-open bloke in kitchen.
last sleep: last night. Didn't get enough sleep.
last IM: What?
last ice cream eaten: dark choc and raspberry magnum in Ely while waiting to meet up with lnr and ewx to sort out tickets for folkfest.
last time amused: bits of the Animatrix were funny, so probably then.
last time wanting to die: It took me a long time to realise that when I "wanted to die" what I actually wanted was never to have been born. Or perhaps to "disappear completely". Float down the Liffey. You know. ... Recently I've just wanted to run away and join the circus instead.
last time in love: Now.
last time hugged: this morning, saying goodbye to sion_a before going into work.
last chair sat in: currently computer chair at work.
last lipstick used: Er... probably black lipstick. A while ago now. Don't often wear lipstick.
last shirt worn: actual shirt, or just t-shirt or whatever? I'm currently wearing my "Chicks Dig Unix" t-shirt. Last shirt was probably a black silk one, but I can't remember when.
last time dancing: Saturday, to Oysterband.
last web page visited: Jeez. This one, obviously. Before that... er, somewhere on www.dead.net to find out what that Grateful Dead album was.

That was fun, wasn't it.

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