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shadows of echoes of memories of songs
Is this thing on and on and on
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pentamer From: pentamer Date: March 1st, 2015 11:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
I like the sound of Original Fail, it's theology for our time! :-)

I guess you'll recognise how I've tried to reply two or three times and deleted it as pompous or tangential wind. I like the sound of tangential wind: maybe we can tack our way forwards (or other man with a watch pointing at his yacht in the club-book montage type terminology) with its aid, :-) .

I don't know if it's always been like our generation: an dancers and an orchestra trying to put on a ballet wearing full NBC equipment, attached to tangled air lines. In the end I think we just kind of develop our endogenous valium and it helps because it means we don't hurt people. Like the way people say that there's endorphins released when there's physical pain. But it does mean that everything goes horribly 1950s. Hey ho.

I think, when you're here, it always seems more authentic to hear stuff coming from other people: other people always seem much more convincing as actually existing than I do. I've certainly always appreciated you expressing it.

Words-and-pictures wise, these days I mainly indulge in either cheap sentimentality, the avant garde, or medieval, baroque, or modern religious stuff. (Kind of skip from the end of Bach and Poussin to the start of Wagner and Delacriox, everything in-between is a horrible burden).

Which reminds me of Müller's wonderful Hamletmaschine. It always reminds me of you when I read it because of the "Bla bla" near the start which I remember being a favourite of yours, but particularly Hamlet's speech at the start of Act Four, which I'll comment separately.

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