Janet (j4) wrote,

Cambridge: off again :-( :-(

I'm afraid despite last week's promise we're not going to make it to Cambridge today. Given that SNOW is forecast for later today in both Cambridge and Oxford, it really doesn't seem sensible to try to get to Cambridge and back and risk being stranded somewhere en route. :-(

I am really starting to feel like this trip is cursed! The person who told me off for using a car will doubtless be cackling with gleeful schadenfreude. Nonetheless, we will try again NEXT SATURDAY (11th), weather and transport permitting...

ETA: I have sent a txt to the people who originally said they'd come along for whom I have mobile numbers, viz.: rmc28, lnr, ewx, juggzy, claerwen and fivemack.

I do not have mobile numbers for ghoti or uitlander, so if anybody thinks they're likely to be making a special trip to see us, could they let them know? (Confusing pronouns, sorry!)

BTW I appear to have three mobile numbers for fivemack -- I picked the one that I believe to be the most recent, but sorry if I picked the wrong one! :-(
Tags: admin, cambridge, snow

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