Janet (j4) wrote,

That was the week that was

I have some serious catching-up to do here! Sorry about the length of this entry.

Had a driving lesson at lunchtime on Wednesday, which wasn't too bad despite the weather (dark and rainy). Then later a lovely evening with Ellie... I think we both felt a bit awkward being too, erm, enthusiastic with rjk in the next room, but we still had fun anyway.

Oh, and when we eventually wandered into the computer room to find out what ewx was giggling at (the strange noises coming from the computer suggested that he wasn't just giggling at us!), I found myself being introduced to the phenomenon that is Weebl and Bob.

On Thursday I met up with Ellie in town at lunchtime to go underwear shopping -- I'd decided that I really needed some shiny new underwear for Sunday (q.v.). Giggled at silly underwear, boggled at the outrageous prices in Flirt (over 100 quid for a bra? no thanks!) and bemoaned the difficulty of finding non-transparent and non-thong knickers. Found some in the end though which were cute and not too expensive.

Karate lesson was good, if exhausting; I made the mistake of saying that I wanted to do something that prevented my feet getting too cold, so ended up spending the entire hour working on kicks. Went through all the yellow- and orange-belt kicks and some of the green-belt ones; by the end of the lesson I was reliably managing head-height yoko geri and knew a few new kicks into the bargain. Just don't ask me to remember the Japanese names for any of the new ones...

In the evening I ended up at the Hopbine with some of the usual Thursday crowd. I wasn't intending to drink, because of the antidepressants, but there's so little else that I like to drink in pubs that I ended up drinking beer anyway, figuring that drinking in moderation should be okay. And indeed it didn't seem to do too much harm.

Friday was our work Christmas lunch. We went to CB2 for the meal, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed with the food. My starter (roast chestnut and parsnip soup) was nice but nothing special; the steak I had for the main course was quite dry, and the accompanying vegetables were uninspiring (slightly overcooked sprouts and carrots, and some roast potatoes). My dessert (lemon tart) was lovely though, and I managed to enjoy it despite the cow-orkers who started smoking the instant the main course had been taken away.

I wasn't going to drink (now, where have you heard that before?) and did in fact stick to mineral water throughout the meal. But then we went to the pub (the Tram Depot) after the meal and my resolve cracked at the sight of nice beer. I lost count after 4 or 5 pints, and the evening is something of a blur, but I did have some entertaining conversations with cow-orkers about subjects as diverse as indie music (are the Stone Roses the direct descendants of the Beatles? Were the Smiths really any good?); pornography; coin tricks; the purpose of studying History; coming out while still at school; and nailvarnish (only two blokes let me paint their nails).

On a more serious note, I managed to have a long heart-to-heart with Richard (who is to be my project-manager next year), and in fact I feel a lot happier about the prospect of staying in this job as a result of that conversation -- not because I think it's going to magically turn into a great career move, but because I think it's going to be a lot more bearable in the meantime.

Went to vyvyan and Graham's wedding -- the third wedding I've been to this year, and (unsurprisingly) the most goth of the three. :-) Bride and groom both looked gorgeous, and the wedding guests had managed quite an array of spectacular outfits between them as well. The service was short but sweet.

Of course, there were plenty of knots in the vicinity other than the one which was being tied, but the less said about those the better. I just wish kaet had said something about the way he was feeling sooner, as I'd have been happy to go round and visit after the ceremony. Mind you then I wouldn't have had so much time to talk to dreamingchristi, and I certainly don't see enough of her either. I really do feel like I'm making a very bad job of keeping in touch with all the people I care about at the moment.

I was slightly surprised to see giolla at the reception. I don't think he saw me (at least, that's the charitable explanation for him walking straight past me).

On Sunday Ellie and I went down to Ealing for the glamour-modelling test shoot that we'd signed up for at Erotica. I thought it was quite fun, to be honest, and I was surprised to find that I really wasn't that bothered about taking my clothes off in front of strangers and/or cameras. On the other hand, I don't have the first clue how to pose properly for that kind of thing, and I did feel like a bit of a lump just standing there -- the physical awkwardness was definitely more embarrassing for me than the actual nakedness. They did say, though, that it didn't matter that we didn't know how to pose: the test shoot was more a test of nerve than anything else. Ellie didn't look awkward at all when they were photographing her, though -- I know she was nervous but she honestly looked lovely.

In the end, the verdict was that we stood a lot more chance of getting work as a couple than as individuals; they've offered to give us training in how to model, which involves going up to the Yorkshire studio for a day and getting hundreds of photos taken, which we can then use for a portfolio. Personally I'd really like to go ahead with this, for all sorts of reasons, not least the chance of incredible-sounding wages that one can apparently earn as a glamour model! And of course even if we don't get anywhere after the training, we'll have a bunch of photos to keep. I can't help worrying that I'll end up pushing Ellie into something she doesn't want to do if I'm too enthusiastic about it, but I do think it'd be interesting, and I think it could be a lot of fun.

Monday was the first day that Andrew Walkingshaw did his new radio show on CUR -- I found that I was really feeling nervous for him before it started, but I needn't have worried; he sounded like the next John Peel! He played an absolutely excellent set, too -- some great tracks that I hadn't heard before, but also plenty of old favourites. I guess I can forgive him for playing Mogwai. ;-)

The evening's Latin session was a bit faffy -- probably largely my fault because I was really far too tired to concentrate by that stage in the evening, and as a result ended up just talking nonsense a lot of the time. (Mea culpa.)

Tuesday... that's today, isn't it? Is it nearly hometime yet?

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