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Amazingly, Imogen slept for long enough that I was able to do this meme. From monkeyhands:

1. You're currently in the new-baby zone; if it was a gameshow there would be complaints about cruelty to the contestants. But which bits of being a mum are you looking forward to in the future? You can answer giving a period of time, e.g. "When she's 7" or giving a type of experience, e.g. "Family holidays", or you can give a big long ramble.

To be honest I'm looking forward to pretty much all of it from the point where she starts being able to communicate back meaningfully. Well, obviously I'm not exactly looking forward to the bits where she gets ill, or the bits where she (inevitably) tells me she hates me... but it's all basically helping her figure out how the world works one step at a time (and probably learning a lot myself about how I think the world works, in the process), and I reckon that's an awesome thing to be doing. There are glimpses of it already -- watching her learn to focus on us, react to our voices, smile at us; hearing her make new gurgly noises (including some that already sound like she's trying to talk), watching her fierce concentration as she tries to grab a toy that's dangling in front of her -- but they're only glimpses; at the moment she still spends the vast majority of the time sleeping (which is adorable but not that interesting), feeding (which is still fairly emotionally fraught though getting physically slightly easier), or crying (which is at best a bit tiresome and at worst absolutely heartrending). To be honest I was never particularly looking forward to having a baby, but to having a child.

So, yeah, I'm looking forward to all of it! Not that I think I'll be very good at any of it* but there are so many interesting things in store.

Trying to be a bit more specific, I think the first significant milestone I'm looking forward to right now is being able to start giving her solid food -- partly because it will take away some of the strain and guilt of struggling with breastfeeding, and partly because food is tasty & interesting & fun & I want to share it with her (and it's cute watching babies cover themselves in food). :-) After that**, walking and talking! Both enormously exciting!

* This isn't just automatic self-deprecation but based on the observation that I don't seem to be very good with other people's children. On the other hand it's VERY VERY DIFFERENT dealing with other people's children (in my limited experience), so, hey, maybe it will be OK.

** OK, it's possible that she might be talking before solids, as someone (who I trust not to be exaggerating) told me just the other day that their daughter started talking at four months ... but I suspect it's quite unlikely.

2. I've worked out two ways that someone with your hair type (straight, very long) can do evening glamour without risking burns from heated appliances. Do you give a shit? Do you think you'll ever give a shit?

:-) In principle I think "Yeah! It'd be great to be able to do 'evening glamour'! In fact it'd be great just to try a different hairstyle for the first time in 20 years!" but in practice I can't imagine when I'll next be likely to go to the sort of event where "evening glamour" is called for (well, at the moment it's a bit hard to imagine going to things where the dress code is anything other than "milk-stained with a faint scent of wee", but even assuming we've got past that, I was never much of a one of glamour anyway). I have always wished I could do fancy braids and stuff (as that seems like a good way to get interesting hairstyles without heated appliances or hairspray) but since I've never yet succeeded in even doing a French plait it seems quite unlikely that I'll ever have the time/energy to get good at it.

3. Why don't you like chicklit, when you like reading all sorts of other rubbish? (Not trying to point some imaginary hypocrisy, just asking why that is.)

For the benefit of other readers I should confess that the "all sorts of other rubbish" accusation is probably justified given that I've just read shedloads of Tanya Huff novels which are all about gay sex vampires, sex demons, zombies (not sex zombies thank goodness), ghosts, vampire zombies, zombie ghosts, etc. HOWEVER I borrowed them from my mum so that doesn't really count! Ha! ... HOWEVER, anybody whose shelves are as full of "Wizard Japes for the Lower Fifth" (etc etc) as mine are has absolutely no claim to literary high ground, so, yeah.

Anyway, chicklit. I don't dislike it on principle or anything, I've just not yet read any that I've really liked (as far as I can remember). I'm sure there is lots of good chicklit out there. My instinct is to say "well it's all about makeup and makeovers and fashion and stuff, and that's not very relevant/interesting to me", but that doesn't feel like a very convincing reason not to like it; after all, I've managed to read and enjoy all sorts of other stuff whose ostensible subject matter isn't anything to do with me. I mean, for example, my father's ghost has never told me to avenge his death by killing my uncle. That sort of thing.

To be honest though I think it's just not what I'd go for first (the chicklit, not avenging my father's ghost): given infinite time I'd be willing to read more or less everything; without infinite time, there are other things further ahead in the queue.

Tell you what, lend me some chicklit that you'd recommend (not Shopaholic because I did try that & didn't like it, can't remember why because it was years ago now but I remember that it annoyed me) & I'll give it a go.

4. Do you think you'll get a pet in the foreseeable future?

Hrm, dunno. addedentry would really like a cat; I do like cats, but I don't like any of the stuff that goes with owning cats (scratched floors/furniture, everything being covered in hair and/or wee, catfood all over the floor, getting woken at 5 a.m. by scratching, having to deal with the litter tray) and I really don't want to start dealing with any of that stuff while we've got a baby/toddler crawling around as well. Also, pets end up being expensive, and I'd rather spend the money on us and our child.

On the other hand, blah blah teaching children the meaning of responsibility/death etc etc, and I suspect if she really wants a pet when she's old enough to do her share of looking after it, if it's something normal like a gerbil or a rabbit (rather than something specialist like a tarantula or a lizard) we will probably say yes in the end.

So, er, "maybe".

5. How do you think computer use has changed the way you think and behave generally? ('Not at all' is an acceptable answer, of course.)

Blimey. It's hard to say, because I've been using computers in one way or another for literally as long as I can remember (my parents got the Apple ][ when I was about 2 years old), so I don't really know how I might have thought/behaved without that. It's an interesting question though; can I come back to it when I've thought about it a bit more?
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