Janet (j4) wrote,

I memed a meme

This is a bit of a silly meme (though juggzy managed to give it some good answers!) but, er, it was either this or do something useful, so.

List five things you can see without moving

addedentry, a candle, a box of tissues, a Scrabble board, a box of Rennies.

How do you style your hair?

Um, does a ponytail count as a style? These days I can't even be bothered to twist the ponytail into a bun. Hairstyles are things that look great on other people.

Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?

Probably the dictionary, though I rarely use either any more. I basically only use the dictionary when someone on the internet whines about 'new' words (because it's mildly satisfying to be able to point out to them that their 'new' word was first attested in 1752 or whenever), or to argue about etymology, & I only use the thesaurus (very very occasionally) for crossword puzzles.

Who killed Nanna Birk Larssen?

Is this like who shot JR? I don't have a TV, you know.

What are you wearing right now?

Black corduroy maternity trousers, big blue baggy t-shirt with pockets at the sides (not maternity-wear, just four sizes bigger than my normal size), black cardigan, black sandals. I only have about three things that fit any more & they're all the size/shape of a tent.

You don't want to know about maternity underwear.

What's one gluttonous thing you like doing?

Oh don't make me think about eating. Eating a whole pack of mini pork pies. At the moment, actually, it's eating entire bowlfuls of salad (and all the salad dressing). I mean, I've always liked salad, but these days I could eat a bucketful of it.

That reminds me, though, I read something (in a book on running, I think) about having salad for breakfast, because you could eat loads of it but not fill yourself up with carbs etc, and this seemed like a good idea (more because of the LOTS OF SALAD aspect than the possibly-bollocks nutritional advice), but I'm never awake enough in the mornings to try new things. Though being pregnant has forced me into the habit of having breakfast (for months it seemed to help a little bit with the sickness if I could manage a piece of toast in the morning, & now if I don't have breakfast I'm shattered by mid-morning) and I'm getting up earlier too (staying in bed is a less attractive prospect when lying down hurts).

What are you thinking about right now?

Salad. How the baby feels[*]. Why I still keep reading lots of books when I never seem to do anything useful with the knowledge, never seem to turn it into any output.[**] What else in this room I could get rid of to make more space. What's that humming noise oh yes the washing machine oh damn that means I'll have to get the bloody washing out later. Why people fill in these 'meme' things. Why write anything at all. (BUT WHY? I reckon I'll have to get used to getting asked that question a lot, & I don't have any answers.)

[*] I mean, she kicks me and I find myself wondering whether she's trying to get comfortable or trying to move in a particular way or whether it's more like a meaningless spasm. I mean, obviously she doesn't really 'think' as such yet, but I do wonder to what extent the kicking is a response to some kind of stimulus and to what extent it's just a thing that happens. When she sticks her feet into me in an uncomfortable way I often gently push back & she usually moves, so there definitely seems to be some kind of action/reaction thing going on there; I mean, she must be able to feel me nudging her, though it's hard to separate 'feeling' from the meanings we overlay on it, if you see what I mean. Oh, and I know babies can hear music and voices in the womb, and will recognise both once they're born, though I haven't observed any reliable/repeatable reactions to specific music/voices.

[**] I'm still updating my list of what I read, but more and more I wonder what I'm doing with it all, it's just like eating barrelfuls of biscuits and not translating the energy into anything useful.

Dog person or cat person?

Cat person. Obviously people can be both, but I like cats & I hate dogs, so for me it's fairly clear-cut. I would like to have cats, but I'd like not to have any of the downsides of having cats (the smell, the chewed furniture, the enormous expense, etc). I think what I want is for lots of people I know to have cats. Perhaps there are people out there who have cats & who would like to have babies without any of the downsides of having babies, & we could come to some sort of agreement.

Write the first word that comes to mind.

Cardinal. Um, I don't know why. I only finished 'Wolf Hall' a few days ago, maybe that's it? I was going to say "and I saw a cardinal butterfly on Friday" but then I remembered that was a Red Admiral.

Would you be horrified if your partner/family/friends saw your browser history?

Not in the least. My browser history tends to be a bit like 'The problem with Wikipedia', hopping from one thing to another.

There's a thing I googled for the other day because someone said "I wish I hadn't googled for [phrase]" and I wanted to know what it was, and afterwards I wished I hadn't, but now I can't remember the phrase, and it was on the other computer so I can't even check it in the browser history. (What a lovely story.)

A project you want to finish? Just one? Short term or long term?

Just one? Short term: have this baby! Long term: not sure I have any long-term projects at the moment of the sort which can be finished (projects like "be a good mother", "sort the house out" are not really 'SMART'); I haven't really dared plan much beyond the baby being born, to be honest.

What are you doing this weekend?

Yesterday: fixing things (about which more in another post); Earth Hour (we played Scrabble by candlelight, yes I know candles use energy as well but the point of Earth Hour is to make a point by making a blip on the national grid, not that it ever succeeds, and also I bet half a dozen tealights use less energy than having the lights and stereo and computer and router on).

Today: a freecycler took more STUFF away BEFORE BREAKFAST; addedentry's doing the laundry; I'm faffing online; there will be more pottering around. And hopefully seeing monkeyhands and barnacle later.

How are you? Truly?

39 weeks pregnant (so mostly achey, tired, heartburn-ish).

What did you do today?

We've done this! See above.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Having the baby! Or rather having had the baby. I mean, I'm not especially looking forward to the birth (not dreading it any more either) but I am very much looking forward to a) meeting my baby properly and b) Not Being Pregnant Any More.

Last thing you did?

Answered that question up there. (This is getting silly.) Before doing this meme... er, had breakfast, I guess.

What are you doing tomorrow?

Hopefully seeing vinaigrettegirl. Possibly making some food to go in the freezer, if I get time/energy and can find any space in the freezer; maybe sitting in the garden & reading if the weather's nice again; maybe sorting out some more drawerfuls of junk inside if not.

What is your dream occupation?

Some kind of job that doesn't involve being an expert at anything but involves being able to sort things out in quite a generalist way. I like sorting out systems and processes and making them better, I like talking to people & helping them think of ways they can make things work better.

Tangentially, I wish careers advisors had talked more about the sort of things work could involve, and the sort of attitudes people have to work, rather than coming up with ticky-box lists of Professions With Proper Names (do you want to be A Lawyer or A Teacher or A Doctor?).

What is your favourite kind of pie?

The kind of pie that's sitting on a plate in front of me waiting to be eaten. I like leek-and-mushroom (partly because my mum made it a lot); I also like seriously meaty pies, game pies, pies with ale in, that kind of thing.

NB it has to be a pie, though, not a stew-with-a-hat. Pies have pastry at the bottom too so it can go all squidgy and doughy in the pie juices OM NOM NOM. Unless you're talking about pecan pie or pumpkin pie WHICH ARE TARTS NOT PIES but I'll graciously allow them to be called pies because they're tasty. Hope that's cleared that up.
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