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Strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff

The real answer to "how did you spend Christmas?" in the previous post's year-review meme should have been "clearing things out" -- I've spent a lot of the holidays sorting through heaps of clutter (both here and at my parents' house -- don't worry, camellia_uk, I didn't throw away anything of yours, but I did clear enough space in the 'playroom'[1] that you can walk all the way round the dolls' house!) and trying to reduce the sheer quantity of stuff that's hanging around, or at least sort it into different types of thing and maximise the chances of ever finding that interesting article or that useful-looking bit of plastic again.

[1] Note for people who have never been to my parents' house, i.e. most of you: the 'playroom' is a kind of dust-encrusted graveyard for toys, games, books, boxes full of newspaper articles, posters, yarn, coathangers, videos, hats, and other assorted detritus; the central mound of junk has accreted around the dolls' house (which is big enough that I could actually get in it when I was tiny) and a big white toy-chest (containing approximately 1 grillion balls of wool which my mum is slowly turning into hats for smoothies). This room was last used for 'playing' in about 1987. The most interesting thing it contains is a small "one-armed bandit" fruit-machine which takes 1d coins.

While going through the boxes of mostly-paper souvenir-type-things at our place I found some interesting bits and bobs, but all rather miscellaneous: these rather excellent Waterstones ads which I saved (I've saved a lot of interesting/clever adverts over the years but don't really have anything much to do with them except look at them occasionally and think "that's really clever"); an Interflora badge which probably belonged to my great-grandma who ran a flower shop in Macclesfield; a photograph of Peterhouse Choir (now helpfully tagged by emperor!); stickers, letters, postcards, menus, and heaps of tickets, programmes, etc -- I had plans once to make an enormous collage of all my gig tickets (under the glass top of the dressing-table in my teenage bedroom!) but never got round to it. addedentry is faithfully adding all my theatre programmes (even the one-page photocopies handed out at student amdram productions) to Theatricalia, but it's a slow process. I also found a paper copy of the Independent's "Lost in Cyberspace" supplement (sorry, rhodri!) and a classic issue of Matters Lofty, the IMSoc fanzine, ably edited by invisiblechoir and with contributions from indie luminaries such as barnacle. Both the Indy and the Indie have been filed in a folder marked "clever friends".

I'm mainly just posting all these things here so that they're a bit more useful to the world than if they remained buried in a box in the corner of our house. (I tweeted about the Waterstones ads a few minutes ago and am alarmed to find that I'm already on the first page of google hits for "Waterstones power of books" -- so hopefully the next person who searches for them as I did will at least find something.)

In amongst the cards I also found two Christmas cards which still contained their Christmas gift in the form of a £20 note -- no longer legal tender but fortunately still exchangeable (or pay-in-able) at a bank. Where there's clutter, there's cash!
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