Janet (j4) wrote,

Markov distinction

While looking through the fragments I also found this one called "markov.txt", from which I infer that it's what you get if you put my journal through a Markov chain. It's probably more coherent than some of the actual posts I've made, so here you go, a bonus post:
to use my phone with my computer, how to synchronise my phone cheaper, & the idea of putting the bathroom back together will force me to the Cotswolds just to walk any further than the other. Anyway, this weekend I actually got my teeth checked out, even though it's an expense I feel as though Dark Side of the lesser of two halves, with a knife and inserting SHEDLOADS of garlic into the, um, wounds) and did some mending that had been sitting around waiting to leap out at about a dozen faffy emails over the unlit cyclists than vice


to write a long strip of paper. Maybe I'll get bored of sandwiches very quickly unless they're really exciting memes, though I was very excited -- about both the journey ahead and the road-gritting lorries. It surprised me, but only you know that I didn't have to either pay for it to cook for a grand total of 32. That works out at about a dozen faffy emails over the unlit cyclists than vice versa). Walking has most of this far more enthusiastically . I don't enjoy practising enough to want to have ended up accidentally trying to get more


emailing me links to every news story about badgers. Believe it or not, the answer is "NO!" A picture of a handful of well-chosen words, I can do with a woman I am fairly sure, not mine; unless perhaps it was back to Cambridge. The wallet is, I certainly have no statistics on what proportion of crimes take place here as compared to elsewhere, even elsewhere in Cambridge. Some places may be amused by his recent poll about spam and, er, huge mailshots. (Non-work-safe content, but no images.) Talking of the G-word, it sounds like Elbow and Low having a fight in a most distressed way, but I can't remember now. In one ear, out the other. Anyway, this weekend I found time to play, and you can't get there unless I am a positive form, my curves and lines in counterpoint to hers. With a man I am lucky


I currently owe sion_a about a million years' worth of drunkenness. Now I am adding to them rather than remembering them


somebody whom I know who's most likely to be voted the Best Album Ever, though this potential disaster seems to have reverted to undergraduacy in terms of getting home will carry their own rhythms. Nearly every year, snow in January comes as a relative... I also may not be the sheer spaces between trees, it can be hard to quantify things; however, for the first time I'd done a personal risk assessment and weighing up of the pages I can't even get past the Co-op on the indigestion tablets. Hopefully, too, the process of putting the bathroom back together will force me to the news. I'm sufficiently down with the crème de la crème of the mind I don't attend, but I'm hearing good things from friends about Wetmarsh College , which is truly heartwarming to see.) Not all men are so relaxed, though: I've been meaning to do stockings

Tags: nablopomo, silly

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