Janet (j4) wrote,

The list is endless

There's lots of things I want to post about -- thoughts about my work and my 'career' direction (prompted by preparing for a sort of review meeting with new team-leaders tomorrow); thoughts about the student riots (hard to voice at the moment because my feelings about it all are complicated but the dominant narrative on the internet is all Good Guys v Bad Guys, also whatever I say about it someone will hate me for it); a few more general work-ish posts that will probably never see the light of day (about web development, and university admin/support, and the value of university websites); and a handful of other bits and pieces that are rattling around my head -- but I'm so shattered that I'm just going to stuff them all into that parenthesis there like a load of odd socks in a big cardboard box, and leave them until I can do something useful with them. I had to be at the JR for 9am for another ultrasound; went straight from that to work, then was in work till 7pm desperately trying to fix awkward bugs in something that someone needs to demo in a talk tomorrow; had a choir rehearsal from 8-10pm; and now I want to go to bed.
Tags: nablopomo

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