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Lots of bits and bobbins.

  • There was a gentleman at the Calling last night wearing an incongrously white T-shirt which read "MASSEY BEERFEST". addedentry, just thought you might like to know this.

  • Went to sleep with a headache, woke up with a headache. Had horrible dream where lnr was trying to phone me but I couldn't hear her properly on my mobile, I could just tell that she was really upset, and I was trying to call her from a landline instead but there were people using all the phones, and ... lots of anxiety stuff. Still have a headache now.

  • I really, really need to do a clothes-wash or six. Have reached the stage where I'm wearing velvet knickers because they're the only ones still clean.

  • Interview-questions: I answered marnameow's questions yesterday, but then went to submit them and bastard LJ web bollocks went and lost the whole lot. Am rewriting at home in text editor. I've written questions for simonb, rysmiel and hoiho, but no idea if they've seen them -- questions appear in response to the comment where you asked for questions. Other sets still to answer: from addedentry and jiggery_pokery; other sets still to write: for daneel_olivaw, ewx, jiggery_pokery, bopeepsheep, brrm... did I forget anyone?

  • Pay-day this month is just after Glastonbury starts. Which means I'm going to have trouble getting out as much cash as I need (I do not want to have to use the cash-machines at the festival). Will probably have to borrow money from the joint account or something.

  • We have a kitchen floor! They laid it yesterday. The kitchen now looks mostly finished, all the units are in place (though there are still a couple of handles to be fixed on, bits and pieces like that). The main thing that makes it look not-quite-finished is that there's still an obvious space wherein you can see the feet that the units are standing on, and you can see the edge of the flooring. So I'm just hoping that...
    ... someday my plinths will come.

Half-day today, so it's hometime already. Hurrah.

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