Janet (j4) wrote,

Is it a bird? Is it a badger?

I reckon it's more predator than alien. That may not be the most flattering photo. But the detail visible in the scan was really amazing (that one doesn't really do it justice) -- we could see all four chambers of the actual beating heart actually beating, every bone in the spine, tiny feet with even more tiny toes kicking, tiny hands reaching out in their first miraculous attempts to punch mum from the inside... :-}

Fortunately, it's also apparently just the right size, in the right place, & with all the right bits functioning as expected. And moving about all over the place. And if you do want to know: it's a girl!

I promise that not all my posts this month will be about babies, honestly. I am still thinking other thinks. But it is quite new and exciting having a small person living inside me.
Tags: baby, pregnancy
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