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No NoBloPoMo

I was hoping to get further than day 6 before dropping the ball, but yes, I totally forgot to post anything yesterday. We went to the shops (took some books to Oxfam, bought food for us & food for the birds), had friends round for tea & biscuits (& sparklers in the garden!), then went out for dinner with them (the friends, not the biscuits or sparklers). That's more going-out and socialising and walking-around than I've done for weeks, & was a very welcome change from hiding under a rock (though I kind of wish I could hide under a rock a bit today instead of having to go out & meet people for lunch & go into town & do more stuff). When we got back I had a bath, & nearly fell asleep over the Guardian crossword (finished it this morning). Exciting life. I don't even remember thinking "I should have posted something on LJ", even when I woke up in the middle of the night (as I always do now). Normally that's when the should-haves come and ambush me. Perhaps I was actually too tired to worry about them.

I realise this is now sort of cheating on today's entry. Will try to post some real content later today instead of what-I-did-at-the-weekend.
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