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Road to nowhere

I haven't updated with anything about what I've actually been doing for ages, have I?

On Friday after work hoiho and I drove Oop North to see k425 and OldBloke. Lovely to meet them both at last! Unfortunately didn't manage to play k425 at Scrabble, maybe next time? That'll give me time to get some practice in so I don't lose too humiliatingly...

hoiho has done a blow-by-blow account of the weekend so I won't bother with that; just wanted to ramble a bit about it really.

It was good to see some hills again. I never realise quite how much I miss having contours in the landscape -- even wolds will do -- when I'm in Cambridge, until I go somewhere else and realise just how much I need them.

Can't believe how much driving I did in the weekend. Okay, so I gave up halfway to the North on the way there, when my knees started feeling like they'd been hit with a large hammer, and I wussed out of driving into Manchester, but on the way back I drove from York (we detoured there on the way back) to Cambridge via Loughborough. Longest drive I've ever done, and half of it was in the dark; we did break for a bit at my parents' house (to their surprise -- I hadn't quite got round to warning them that we were turning up...) but there was still a hell of a lot of driving on either side.

There was more rambling that I wanted to do, about darkness and music and endless roads stretching out in front of me... but I think perhaps it's best if it all stays in my head for the time being.

Washed and waxed pto452 yesterday evening, so of course it rained today. <sigh> And I discovered while cleaning her that the metal seal around the windscreen is coming off, and I can't work out how it's supposed to go back on -- looks like it might just be glued, because it doesn't seem to want to press back in. :-( Meanwhile the choke cable is still knackered, the right trafficator is playing up, the windscreen wipers keep nearly slipping (which is not conducive to carefree driving), the rubber seal around the boot is dead (so the boot fills up with water at the bottom, and rusts even more), there seem to be more places where the paint is blistering or cracking every time I look, and I just don't have TIME to fix it all! At this rate I'm going to be just too embarrassed to take her to the MMOC rally at the weekend.

And at some point this week I've got to make a cake in the shape of a caravan. Fun fun fun.

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